Our Mission

Search for sustainable home & personal care products for all walks of life.
Our aim is to give back to nature and cultivate eco-sustainable living beginning from home.

Our Vision

Develop into the most reliable organic company that produces home & personal care products in the market that focuses on organic integrity.

About Us

Gentle Organics is the world's first organic thymol-based home & personal care company. We discovered that there is an increasing lack of awareness amongst consumers that their everyday home & personal care products such as cleaners, detergents and hand sanitizers are filled with harmful chemicals that are detrimental to not only their personal health but also the health of the environment. With prolonged usage or exposure, it may lead to severe health issues such as respiratory problems and skin irritation for our consumers. The disposal of these unfinished products could also proliferate existing environmental issues such as water pollution.

With that in mind, Gentle Organics aims to provide safer and more sustainable alternatives to consumers by eliminating all forms of harmful chemicals from our products. This is only possible with the guidance of top level expertise in the biotechnology field to ensure profound levels of effectiveness and safety of our products without the use of these chemicals. We are confident that we can pioneer the shift towards organic home & personal care products to create a safer, healthier and more eco - sustainable future for our customers and the larger society.